GDPR - Privacy

Keeping your personal information safe and secure is our top priority here at Herbert & Stella Towers. That’s why we want to notify you of some changes to our privacy policy in readiness for the introduction of the new data protection law on 25th May 2018.

The changes don’t alter what we use your personal information for, but make it easier for you to find out how we use and protect your information.

The fact that the law is changing only builds on what we already do today – and that is to give your personal information the respect and security it deserves. You can access the new policy here.


What personal information do you collect about me and when?

This will vary depending on how you interact with us. For instance, if you are a customer, the data we collect might be different from that of someone who shows an interest in our products in some other way. This could include:

Some of this information includes:

  • Your contact details
  • Date of birth
  • Credit card, debit card and/or other payment information
  • Details of the products/ services you’ve bought from us

This information is collected when you do any of the following: beginning or completing a purchase from us, visiting or browsing our website, blog or social media interaction, enter a prize promotion (whether through our website or social media channels) and more. This isn’t an exhaustive list and there are more ways that we collect data, but if you wish to know these read our full privacy policy for more information.

Why do you collect personal information from me?

We need to know and keep certain information about you so that we can:

  • Manage your order(s) and provide you with a complete service, products you’ve ordered and support
  • Collect payment from you and send important information such as delivery updates
  • Understand what you are interested in and keep you up to date with our latest offers and any vital information regarding your products
  • Detect and prevent fraud, protect against cyber-attacks and comply with other legal and regulatory obligations

For a detailed explanation of why and how we collect personal information please visit our privacy policy.

Who do you share my data with?

We’ll do not share information with third parties.

What you see below may look a lot, but we’re pretty honest in the fact that compared to many websites – it’s not a great number at all, and we’ve fully confident in these groups to keep us as a business running as smooth as you need us to be.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Searching for what you want? You may use Google and Bing and see some of the adverts we display of our products – that’s so we can show you what amazing products we’ve got that are right for you.

We’re able to do that as the information you may have used elsewhere online indicates you to be one of many who may like to our products – we hope that this information is right too as they’re great!

If you do visit our site or blog as a result, the analytics services provided by Google and Bing also indicate very basic information to us to use in the future such as age, sex, location for example – this is so we know we’re aiming our products at the right people, not the wrong ones.

If you don’t purchase, we’ll also know information such as the words you used to search for that can help us in the future with finding even better products that maybe are not on our site that you’d like to find! You never know, whatever you’re searching for online now might help shape a product of the future!

If you do purchase from us, we instruct Shopify for major credit and debit card transactions, we also use PayPal as payment options and your data that is entered is only used to confirm fund – ensuring we are being responsible as a retailer to you as a customer).

Our shopping platform Shopify retains information you submit for tax and invoicing – legally we need this information to trade – also it is a platform that we use to refer to your order if you have any problems in the future. We have our help sections on our website where you can submit details for help and returns – this information comes straight to us via our email inbox away from Shopify.

We submit your contact details to either UK Mail, Parcelforce or Royal Mail to get your item to you and keeping you up to date.

On social media, if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, we follow their guidelines on data privacy also to ensure you are delivered what you want to see.

We also have our database at Omni-Send for email marketing – and that is purely for emails from us if we have great offers we think you would be interested in or a need to inform customers of really important general information. We’re in the process of altering how customers can sign up for this, but first we’re asking our current list of subscribers to opt in if they wish to continue – look out in the future if you do wish to sign up in the future.

We do have our direct email accounts too to help deal with customer service – any information generated is archived and is fully secure on our server. If we have to contact suppliers and manufacturers for help and advice, we also carry this out, but again this is for the benefit of you as a customer if you have a problem with a purchase and nothing more.

And that really is it. As open as we can be!

If there’s something we need to add to our site in regards to a third party requiring information, we’ll include it in our privacy policy, so check there for any future changes or what we add to help with your experience.

If I think the personal information you hold about me is incorrect, how do I get you to change it?

You can ask us to correct, update or complete your personal information by contacting us via our website.

Visit our privacy policy for details on how to do this.

How do I adjust my marketing preferences?

We send updates via email for the status of your order, you’ll also receive abandoned order updates just in case you want to come back and purchase. Order confirmations are sent as well, together with delivery tracking number – everything you’d expect to normally receive when you order online so you are kept in the loop as to where your order is.

Include your mobile telephone number and we’ll only ever use that for our courier text message updates when your item is due to arrive and if we need to contact you relating directly to your order.

We do not believe in cold calling and would never do so to drum up sales like some companies do – we’re confident by what we do, that you’ll come back to us, however, if you really don’t want us to have your telephone number – we can have that removed.

We send through our review emails, as outlined in the sections above, after you receive your item.

If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter but want to change your mind, you can follow the unsubscribe links in any email marketing that we send you.

(Email addresses that are provided to us when using PayPal or Amazon payment method must remain as part of our auditing procedure when relating to when payments are made and how they have been processed – however we can specifically not use these email addresses if requested.)

Just so you know, we also do not participate in mail marketing using UK addresses.

Alternatively contact us directly through our website and we’ll be happy to deal with individual enquiries.

Visit our privacy policy for more information.